Luxury vinyl planks in WadsworthVinyl flooring was originally invented in the 1930s, and many Wadsworth homeowners may be familiar with the kinds of outdated vinyl flooring that were common in the 20th century. However, you can now find luxury vinyl flooring styles updated for a new era here at Floor Coverings International Medina.

There are a variety of special characteristics to this flooring material that make it one of the most popular options for many homeowners today, so be sure to consider it for your next flooring project.

Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Low Maintenance

In terms of caring for your floors, luxury vinyl planks are relatively simple to take care of. You should make sure that they are swept daily, and wash them every few days or weeks.


Unlike some other types of flooring, luxury vinyl flooring is highly water-resistant. If installed correctly, vinyl will be almost impervious to water damage. This quality makes these floors perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. They’re also great for entryways and mudrooms where wet boots and clothes may be a problem.


Finally, luxury vinyl planks are not too expensive. They’re the perfect option for homeowners or business owners on a budget.

Drawbacks of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

May Contain VOCs

Volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) are often present in vinyl flooring. While these are not likely to be harmful for adults, they may be a concern if you have a baby or small child in your home.

Not Biodegradable

Unlike wood and some other forms of flooring, luxury vinyl flooring is not a biodegradable or particularly sustainable option.

To learn more about luxury vinyl planks and other types of vinyl flooring, contact our team at Floor Coverings International Medina! We’re proud to offer free consultations to homeowners in the Medina and Wadsworth areas.

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