Wood look tile in WadsworthMany Wadsworth homeowners desire the gorgeous and timeless look of hardwoods but dislike the upkeep, cost, and fragility of some species of wood. Normally, if you want a quality hardwood floor that’s going to last for years, you should expect a sizeable upfront cost and continual maintenance.

But what can you do if you like the look of hardwood, but don’t have the budget or time for it? The good news is that there are now many alternatives to hardwood flooring that can help you achieve the same look. For example, wood-look tile has a realistic hardwood look but is made of ceramic or porcelain. Floor Coverings International Medina can help you learn more about wood-look tile flooring for your home.

The Perks

Wood-look tile has recently become more popular as manufacturing processes have become more sophisticated. Here’s why.

  • Variety. You’ll see this flooring material available in different widths, lengths, and styles. Do you like the shabby-chic appeal of driftwood? Porcelain wood can replicate that well. You’ll also find redwood mahogany and teak lookalikes that will trick your eyes into thinking they’re the real thing.
  • Fine details and textures. Wood-look tile can recreate grains, grooves, and colors that look like genuine wood. The subtle bumps and intricate grooves and knots are like fine works of art!
  • Affordability. Wood-look tile doesn’t need to be prefinished or finished on-site, saving you time and money during the installation process. It also costs less per square foot compared to real hardwood.

The Drawbacks

  • Gets cold. In the winter season, tile flooring can be quite cold to the touch. Consider adding area rugs or a radiant heating system to offset this.
  • Can’t be refinished. Natural hardwoods can be refinished if scratched, but you’ll need to replace any damaged tiles entirely. Have some extras on hand just in case.

Call Floor Coverings International Medina to learn more about wood-look tile for your Wadsworth home. Our experts offer free consultations to make sure you find the perfect floor for your needs.

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Photo Credit: Wilm Ihlenfeld