Prefinished hardwood flooring in Wadsworth

Installing hardwood floors in your home can boost your property’s value and aesthetic appeal. Not only do hardwood floors look good with almost any interior design concept, their timeless appeal makes your home more attractive to potential homebuyers.

When you start shopping for hardwood floors, you’ll be faced with two installation options: buying unfinished wood or prefinished flooring. So what are the pros and cons of getting prefinished floors in your Wadsworth home? Our Floor Coverings International Medina experts can help explain.

What’s the Difference Between Prefinished and Unfinished?

When you buy unfinished floors, raw wood planks are shipped to your home and then installed. Our installation team will then have to sand down the wood and coat it with stains and a protective coating. This process produces dust from the wood and the fumes from the staining. If you’re installing unfinished wood in an occupied home, anyone living there will have to vacate until the fumes and dust subside.

The Pros of Prefinished Floors

  • An easier, faster, and simpler installation. When you use prefinished wood, the biggest advantage is that the sanding and finishing process is already done. These factory-finished planks are ready for installation. Therefore, you won’t have to relocate, and you can begin using your new floors right away!

The Cons of Prefinished Floors

  • It has a higher upfront cost. However, although unfinished wood is initially cheaper, the costs go up after you figure in the contractor hours for extra labor, the price of finishing materials, and hotels.
  • Less variety. Since prefinished floors are already finished in the factory, you’ll have less freedom with choosing unique dyes and stains.

Prefinished floors are a great addition to any interior. Contact Floor Coverings International Medina to see more flooring options for your Wadsworth home!

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