Nylon carpeting in WadsworthNylon is one of the most versatile and durable carpet fibers available. If you’re in search of a carpet that can handle kids and pets, nylon will be one of your best options. Carpet manufacturers are constantly developing new nylon styles that are softer, cozier, and more stain resistant. With the help of our Floor Coverings International Medina experts, you’re sure to find the perfect nylon carpet for your Wadsworth home.

About Nylon Carpeting

  • Nylon is used to create all kinds of carpets: loop or cut pile, solid or patterned, neutral or bright. Whatever style, texture, or color of carpet you prefer, it is likely available in nylon.
  • Nylon carpeting is not always stain-resistant, but these days, many carpet manufacturers are producing nylon carpets with added stain resistance – an ideal option for homes with kids or pets. If a liquid is spilled on your stain resistant carpet, it will remain on the surface so it is easier to clean up.
  • Different types of nylon carpets have different degrees of softness. If comfort is your priority, try the “staple” variety. This type of carpet has a plush surface constructed of many short, twisted tufts packed together. For more texture, try “bulk continuous filament” carpeting, which is made up of longer fibers.
  • Depending on your lifestyle and needs, you should also consider pile, grade, and color when choosing new carpeting. These factors, along with the material, will affect a carpet’s durability, comfort, and ease of maintenance. For example, a low pile nylon carpet in a dark color will be easier to maintain since it will hide dirt and stains better.

To see our full selection of nylon carpeting, give us a call today! Floor Coverings International Medina offers free in-home consultations and estimates to Wadsworth area homeowners.

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