Affordable Kitchen Backsplash Tile

We here at Floor Coverings International Medina make it our top priority to help Wadsworth and surrounding area homeowners build their dream homes. Because kitchens are the focal point of many homes, we put together this series on how to redesign and add value to your kitchen while staying on budget.

The best place to start in your kitchen makeover is adding or updating your existing backsplash. The popularity of kitchen backsplashes in Wadsworth has picked up in recent years, and now no modern home is complete without them. If your kitchen does not have a backsplash, or you are looking to update your current one, here are some tips to achieve the look without breaking the budget.

Budget Friendly Kitchen Backsplash TileGo All Out with Affordable Tile Backsplashes

There are many tile options out there, but the important thing to consider when choosing one for a backsplash is water resistance and maintenance. We have found that Medina and Medina County and surrounding area homeowners love the durability and affordability of ceramic and vinyl tiles. Cheaper than most other options, ceramic and vinyl tiles both come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and customizability. With expert installation from Floor Coverings International Medina, these tiles will look great, catch any splashing, and bring value to your home for years to come.

Budget Kitchen BackplashSplurge with Glass Tile Border

Instead of doing the entire backsplash with tile, one house hack is to use high-end glass tiles to create an eye-catching border. This brings the luxury style and appeal of glass tiles into your home while still working on a similar budget. Plus, with a variety of color schemes and patterns to choose from, glass tiles are versatile enough to fit with any home design.


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