New hardwood is indeed a sight to behold, if you ask the experts at Floor Coverings International Medina. That being said, let’s not forget about the worn, rustic beauty of distressed hardwood flooring! Distressing is the term for techniques in floor artistry that deliberately scratch, scuff, wear, and abrade wood floors in order to reproduce the effect of old-fashioned milled wood, or historic wood floors that have seen many years of lively use. Today, we review a few different kinds of distress methods for gorgeous, rustic style in your Wadsworth home.

medina distressed wood floor


The name of this style says it all. Hand-scraped hardwood is gently scraped along the edges of the planks, replicating the natural byproduct of foot traffic in the long-term. However, with hand-scraped hardwood, you don’t have to wait! One of the coolest things about this form of distressed hardwood is that it is unique in its distress pattern. No other distressed wood floor will be quite like yours.


For floor style enthusiasts looking to rough up the smooth surface of their hardwood floors, this is a perfect distress method. Wire-brushed hardwood is created with special brushes used for scraping the surface of the wood, which leaves a remarkable series of parallel divots up and down the planks. Many homeowners find the subtly coarse grit of this surface a real pleasure to walk on, and the possibility of slippage on this floor is drastically reduced.

medina distressed wood floor


In bygone days of wood processing, water mills would saw great logs into boards. But due to the limited technology, the sawing machines would deliver faulty cuts on the boards as they inaccurately skipped across with their blades.

This may have been an undesirable feature at the time, but hit-or-miss is now a popular choice in distressed wood floors. Ask the professionals to apply this technique for a randomized throwback to historic floors from the pioneering past.

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