Ebony hardwood floors in Wadsworth

Hardwood floors are known for their timeless and versatile appeal. Though it’s easy to pigeonhole this flooring into the category of “traditional” and “classic,” there are also plenty of bold and unique hardwood flooring finishes at your disposal. The final look will depend on the kind of hardwood you choose, as each species starts out with a specific pigment, grain, and texture. For example, if you use white oak, the finish will have a greater effect on its look since the wood is initially a light color. In addition, some wood species do a better job of accepting unique stains and finishes.

If you want a unique look for your Wadsworth home but don’t know where to start, Floor Coverings International Medina is here to help.

Cerulean Blue

This gorgeous bright blue can turn a bland room into a real conversation starter. Not only is blue a calming color, but it can compliment plenty of interior decorating concepts. It’s also a fun and colorful idea for a child’s room.


Give your hardwoods a rustic feel that can also take the stress out of daily maintenance. These planks are designed to look aged, so little nicks and scratches from everyday wear will blend right in. Hand-scraped hardwood also matches historic homes well.


You don’t have to pay top dollar for natural ebony wood. Instead, get a more economic species and apply this gorgeous almost-black finish that immediately adds a dark, stylish glamour to any room.


Though high-gloss finishes have been in vogue for a long time, matte has much to offer. This smooth yet somber texture goes well with the rustic and relaxed look.


If you want a real showstopper, then a rich, jewel-tone green finish is sure to make a design statement. If you’re up for the challenge of getting your furniture and décor to match this color, then you’ll have an amazing interior to show off.

To discover more unique hardwood floor finishes that would look great in your home or business in Wadsworth, schedule a free consultation with Floor Coverings International Medina.

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