Family flooring in MedinaFor Medina homeowners with small children, health and safety is often a top priority. So if you make careful choices about what foods to feed your kids or what cleaning products to use around them, you should also pay attention to what kinds of flooring you have. More parents are learning that materials like carpet and vinyl can harbor dust, allergens, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). If you are concerned about your home’s air quality, you may want to steer away from these types of flooring. Instead, consider one of these four kid-friendly flooring suggestions from Floor Coverings International Medina:


Hardwood floors aren’t just popular for their appearance – they also work well for families! Since wood is a natural material, it doesn’t have VOCs, and it doesn’t harbor allergens like carpet. However, if you’re worried about your kids scratching or denting your floors, look for tough wood species like hickory, maple, or Brazilian cherry.


If you like the look of hardwoods but don’t want to spend a lot on new floors, consider laminate instead. Like hardwood, laminate repels dirt, dust, and animal hair. In addition, laminate flooring is covered in a protective wear layer, making it easy to clean and maintain.


Bamboo is a good choice for families for many of the same reasons as hardwood. As a natural, renewable resource, bamboo flooring is safe for your kids and better for the environment. It’s also tough, durable, and stain-resistant – so don’t worry about scratches or juice stains ruining your bamboo floors.


Cork is a unique flooring material that happens to work well for families. It’s entirely natural and eco-friendly, but it also happens to be antistatic and antimicrobial. Plus, it’s easy on the feet. The main thing to know about cork is that it requires special care. Proper sealing will help cork to resist stains, but its soft surface may still be vulnerable to scratches and dents. One solution? Use cork tiles, which are easy to replace if damaged.

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Photo Credit: Vlasov Volodymyr