Terracotta tile in MedinaHere at Floor Coverings International Medina, we’re all about keeping up to date with current flooring trends. Often times, these trends are slick, modern styles, but recently, we’ve also seen a return to flooring that was once considered dated. Terracotta tile, terrazzo, and carpet tiles are all on track for resurgences in 2017. If you want to add a bold and unique look to your Medina home, consider installing one of these unexpected flooring styles.

Terracotta Tile

If you love Mediterranean architecture, you’ll also love terracotta tile. This red-brown clay tile has been used for centuries. It has a warm, rustic look, and is available in both glazed and unfinished styles. Terracotta is quite durable, too. But since the surface is porous, you’ll need to take special care when cleaning and maintaining your tile – especially if you’ve chosen the unglazed variety.

Terrazzo floors in MedinaTerrazzo

You might remember terrazzo from the hallways of your elementary school, or from your grandmother’s 1970s kitchen. In fact, this composite flooring has been around since 15th century Venice, and it’s making a comeback in 2017. Terrazzo consists of colored chips of granite, marble, glass, and/or quartz suspended in a cement or polymer. With its speckled spots of color, terrazzo often has a fun and quirky look.

Carpet TileCarpet tile in Medina

Carpet tile isn’t exactly new – you’ve probably encountered it in plenty of commercial spaces over the years. However, what is new is that more homeowners are using carpet tile to create fun and creative designs in residential spaces. By using carpet tiles of different colors, sizes, and shapes, you can make your own unique patterns (like chevron, striped, and checkerboard designs). Carpet tiles work particularly well in kids’ rooms and family rooms since they add a fun, personal touch, but are still easy to replace if damaged.

To learn more about these unusual flooring styles, schedule a consultation with one of our Floor Coverings International Medina experts! We offer free in-home estimates to customers in the Medina and Medina County area.

Photo Credits: Lulu Durand, prapann, Anutr Yossundara