Choosing a backsplash can be an overwhelming task when redesigning your kitchen. With so many shapes, sizes, and colors of tiles to choose from, it can be hard to decide what will look good with the other elements of the space. Fortunately, our [franchise_location_team] is here to help Wadsworth homeowners find the perfect tile design. Here are three of our favorites that are unlikely to go out of style anytime soon:

Natural Stone Tile with a Decorative Mosaic

Tile backsplash in Wadsworth

If you prefer a more rustic or Mediterranean look, consider a natural stone tile in an earthy hue, like travertine or slate. You can go with tiles of whatever size or shape you prefer for the background of your backsplash. Then, in the area above your stove or sink, add a larger decorative mosaic using additional tiles of unique sizes or shapes for contrast.

Brick-Pattern Subway Tiles

Subway tile backsplash in Wadsworth

For a classic and versatile look, you can’t go wrong with glazed ceramic subway tile. Subway tile can be quite affordable, and its clean, simple look goes with any décor. You can also find subway tiles in many different colors depending on your preference. However, you can trust that the classic white rectangle will never go out of style.

Multicolored Glass Mosaic Tile

Glass tile backsplash in Wadsworth

For more modern kitchens, glass mosaic tiles in bright, glossy colors are often the norm. Glass blends perfectly into a modern space because it is sleek and reflects light. A nice pop of color can also help to add some personality to an otherwise neutral or minimalist kitchen.

This is just a sampling of the backsplash tile options you’ll have at Floor Coverings International Medina. Call and schedule a free, personalized consultation to find the perfect backsplash for your Wadsworth home. We look forward to meeting you!

Photo Credit: Mark Breck, Jodie Johnson, yampi