Prefinished hardwood flooring in Wadsworth

While shopping for new wood floors, you may have seen samples of unfinished and prefinished hardwood products.  While the prefinished hardwood floors are more expensive to purchase, they offer some advantages over the natural, unfinished hardwoods that you may also be considering for your Wadsworth home. Here are some of the reasons why our Floor Coverings International Medina experts appreciate prefinished flooring:

1. You Get What You See

When you purchase unfinished flooring, it is up to your installer to apply the stain of your choice.  However, due to variations of lumber, humidity and even the lighting of your home, you may not end up with the exact color you expected. When you buy prefinished hardwood, the finish you see in the showroom or on a sample will be exactly what is installed.

2. Color and Appearance Last Longer

Due to the manufacturing process, prefinished flooring receives up to 10 applications of stain before it is sealed with multiple layers of polyurethane. Each application is dried using UV light, which significantly extends the life and durability of the finish. Prefinished floors can see up to 30 years of use before they may require refinishing, while floors finished on site will likely need a new layer of sanding and staining after 10 years or so.

3. Save Money and Time on Installation

Generally, the price you pay for your flooring product does not include installation and finishing.  Your unfinished floor will require additional weeks of work as it is sanded, receives several layers of stain and its final urethane coat. It will smell and might require you leave your home during the process. You can skip the wait, smell, and added labor costs by installing a prefinished product.

To learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of prefinished hardwood flooring, talk to our experts! Floor Coverings International Medina offers free consultations to homeowners in Medina and Medina County and beyond.

Photo Credit: Breadmaker