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Infographic: How to Use Flooring To Make Small Rooms Feel Big

Flooring is often an understated piece of our homes. Rather than choosing flooring that blends in, consider a style that enhances your aesthetic or visually expands the room. Here are 4 stylish options to make small rooms feel larger. © Alexandre Zveiger, © Artazum, © AndjeiV, ©
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3 Benefits of Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

While shopping for new wood floors, you may have seen samples of unfinished and prefinished hardwood products.  While the prefinished hardwood floors are more expensive to purchase, they offer some advantages over the natural, unfinished hardwoods that you may also be considering for your Wadsworth home. Here are some of the reasons why our Floor Coverings International Medina experts appreciate prefinished flooring:…
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The Janka Hardness Scale, Explained

Have you ever heard of the Janka hardness scale? It’s a method for comparing the toughness of different hardwood species. The Janka scale is also a useful tool when shopping for hardwood floors, since it can help you to predict the durability of different wood styles. If you are planning to install new hardwood floors…
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4 Family-Friendly Flooring Ideas

For Medina homeowners with small children, health and safety is often a top priority. So if you make careful choices about what foods to feed your kids or what cleaning products to use around them, you should also pay attention to what kinds of flooring you have. More parents are learning that materials like carpet…